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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Schedule posted for Bell Gala Interns!!!

Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for your response in wanting to help out with the Bell Gala!  It's a great event that raises funds every year for Sick Kids.  The schedule is listed below, please let me know which day or days you are available and I'll mark you down!

Thank you!

Attention interns!  Below are the days available to work on the Bell Gala cake.  Please fill in your name(s) beside the shift(s) you desire and email this schedule back to me.  Thanks!  Hope to see you all soon J

Sept 17- 
         10 am- 4pm

Sept 20-23     6pm and on

Sept 24-day   10 am- 4pm

Sept 25 Day   10 am- 4pm

Sept 26 day    10 am- 4pm

Sept 27--29    6pm and on

Sept 30- Day   10 am- 4pm

Oct 1- Day       10 am- 4pm

Oct 4- Day       10 am- 4pm

Oct 5-6            6pm and on

Oct 8 Day        10 am- 4pm

October 10-12  Days and probably evenings

October 13      6pm and on

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