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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Couture Cake

This was such a fun cake make!  First of all, the clients where the ideal clients!  What are ideal clients?  Those who basically say : DO WHAT YOU WANT!  That is music to my ears...The only thing they asked for were the colors.

I created this cake inspired by fashion and couture.  I hand painted the details, and used modeling chocolate and gumpaste for the decorations.  The filling is a lemon cake with a wild blueberry buttercream.  A perfect filling to match the color of the cake.


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  2. i want your store to open up in the summerside community, at warden and st claire, there are store fronts available by the new condo buildings. I'd be picking up treats every single day, and your treats are way better than the metro cakes hubster always brings.