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Thursday, April 28, 2011

J'Adore la brioche parisienne!

What is a brioche?  The very thought of it makes my mouth water...for those of you who wish to have a more culinary  definition, here it is:
Brioche is a highly enriched French bread, whose high egg and butter content give it a scrumptious and tender crumb. It has a golden brown, and flaky crust from an egg wash applied just after baking. 

Brioche is considered a Viennoiserie.  Some terms even refer to it as Briocherie.  It is made the same way as a basic bread, but possesses the richer aspect of a pastry because of its addition of eggs, butter, milk, and a little sugar. Brioche, along with pain au lait and pain aux raisins — which are usually devoured at breakfast or as a snack — form a leavened subgroup of Viennoiserie. Brioche pastry is often paired with fruit or chocolate and served as a pastry or as the basis of a dessert with many local variations in added ingredients, fillings or toppings.  Brioche can also be used in savory dishes, usually in meat dishes, usually stuffed with foie gras. 

Either way, it will surely make your mouth water...and transport you right back to the streets of Paris!  Leaving you wanting more and more....

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