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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Macaron Saga Continues....

So you would think that after an entire weekend of macarooning and mingling with potential clients I'd be macarooned out!  And yes, I did indeed say MACAROONING and MACAROONED...they are my new's official I am coocoo for macaroons!

And in light of my new found coocoo-ness, I have decided to create a variety of flavors for all to enjoy!  And the best part is...the voters will decide which new flavors are the best!!  

I've been thinking and thinking!  Hmmmm, what outrageous flavor can I come up with it???  Which flavor combos do I absolutely love??? And I came up with a few which I think will be delicious, melt in your mouth, fantastic!!

Be sure to visit our latest poll to vote for your new favorite J'Adore Macaron Flavor!

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