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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Make your own modeling chocolate!

I love love love making 3 dimensional structured cakes!  It was all made with modeling chocolate...the best thing since sliced bread!  So forgiving, so workable! Doesn't crack, or dry our like fondant.  And it tastes so good!  I would never use fondant ever again!  Interested in making your own modeling chocolate?  Follow this recipe:

1 lbs       white compound chocolate
1/3 cup  white corn syrup


Melt the chocolate in microwave.  Be sure to melt in a low setting or you will risk burning your chocolate.
Warm up the corn syrup slightly and pour onto melted chocolate.
Be sure to stir quickly as it will firm up quickly, making sure that all the chocolate is stirred in properly.
Wrap in plastic and let cool down.
Knead and work away!


  1. That is wicked awwwwwssssome!!!! =)

  2. Hello Isabelle! It's Wayne your favorite student! Just jokes. Just wondering if the same recipe works for dark compound chocolate?